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Little Nine Heaven UKKung Fu School

Welcome to the Little Nine Heaven UK School, based in Romiley, Stockport (near Manchester), England.  The school was originally opened in 1999 and has quietly been teaching a unique syllabus of Chinese martial arts systems.  These systems have been passed down to it's head instructor; Sifu Andrew Jackson, from his teacher; Master James McNeil, head of the Little Nine Heaven International Association based in California, USA.


In 2012, the school moved to a new, more modern facility in Romiley, which is heated and fully equipped for all the classes we offer. Attached to the school is a full-time acupuncture/physiotherapy clinic and fitness gym which offers a wide range of healthcare and fitness services for the local community.

With Master McNeil's encouragement and guidance, the school looks to provide a high level of professional instruction, in a friendly environment, for people wishing to learn the systems of martial arts, which reside under the umbrella of the Little Nine Heaven International Kung Fu Association.


The primary goal of the school is loyalty; to Master McNeil and his International Association. The aim of the Little Nine Heaven UK School is to represent Master McNeil and his Association here in the UK and to support him on his visits to the UK, when carrying out Seminars; spreading the knowledge of the arts he represents.  To accomplish this, the school already has a small team of qualified instructors and is offering regular weekly classes, alongside distance and intensive learning programs in order to reach out to interested people outside of their locality.


The secondary goal is purity; to protect and preserve the systems of martial arts and Taoist practices that have been passed down through generations. It is important to respect the hard work and dedication of Master McNeil and the Masters who developed these systems and the school endeavours to maintain this tradition by ensuring what is taught is not contaminated by methods from other systems. 

New Intensive Training Dates for 2019 now available

Hsing-I, Tzu Men, Splashing Hands, Basic Iron Hand

Intensive Training Dates

Spartan House

Unit 3, Green Lane 




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