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International Retreat Spain September 2017


When you have booked your flights to Spain, could you please inform us of the details so that we can keep track of you all as you arrive in Spain (to


Dear L9H family


As this seminar draws closer, people will want to know more about travel arrangements.  Some have already enquired about possibly arriving early or staying after the retreat has finished to extend their stay in Spain or simply to arrive a few days earlier in order to get over jetlag etc.


Below are some answers which should cover a lot of the questions:


Seminar Dates

1.  We arrive at the campsite on Friday 8th September and leave on Saturday 16th September.


Training Schedule

2.  Training officially begins on Saturday 9th and ends on Friday 15th September.


Airport Information and Transfer Arrangements

3.  The airport you need to arrive at in Spain is Malaga.  The airport is approximately 40 minutes transfer by car to the campsite.  The best way to arrange transfer is to look for a taxi/private hire airport transfer company or to hire a car prior to your arrival.  There are plenty of companies online in the Malaga area to choose from and some operate larger vehicles if you are travelling in a larger group, which may be a cheaper option than individual cars.  Please ensure you agree a price in advance, often you pay when you book it online.  If you choose to get a taxi directly outside the airport, it may be more expensive and if you use this method that you agree the fare before you get in.


Extending Your Stay

4.  If you plan to arrive or stay longer than the campsite dates, you will have to arrive your own accommodation elsewhere eg. hotel elsewhere.  The two main options are to stay in Malaga city centre, which is a nice city with a castle and port so there are things to see and do.  Malaga is approximately 20 minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from the campsite. Alternatively, you could stay in Marbella, which is a beach/holiday resort approximately 1 hour from the airport and 15 minutes away from the campsite.


5.  If you choose to extend your stay, it is school holidays in Spain the week before the seminar so accommodation can be limited and more expensive, therefore, you may need to book early.  The week after the seminar, school holidays will be over and accommodation may be cheaper and more readily available.


6.  Choosing accommodation - there are plenty of hotels to suit all budgets in both Malaga city and Marbella town, it is simply a case of looking at them on the internet and choosing one to suit your needs.  It would be advisable to choose your accommodation near to what they call the 'old town' areas, these are the traditional parts of town where there are restaurants, bars and shops.


Car Hire

7.  Car hire - if you are planning to hire a car then it is advisable to book in advance online and you may include as an optional extra a sat nav or to bring one with you for Spain.  Driving can be quite hectic in the city centre but quieter as you get on the roads outside of these areas.  They drive on the same side as the States and you will need your passport, driving licence and valid credit card.  You cannot pay cash for a hire car.



8.  It would be advisable to bring some cash in Euros as a lot of restaurants and bars in the tourist areas don't like credit card as payment.  You can, however, use your card at the card at the ATMs to withdraw cash.


What to Bring

9.  The cabins are fully furnished and you will only need to bring towels alongside your clothes.  All bedding is provided.  


We look forward to meeting and training with you all in Spain.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to send an email.  


Finally, if you could please let us know when you have booked your flights and what your travel plans are.  This will help us to organise things on the 8th so that we know who is arriving when and should there be any problems, we can try to help.


As training plans evolve and we will advise further details above what you need to bring, we will update this page so please keep checking for updates.  


Retreat Date

Friday 8th September 2017 for 8 nights’ accommodation (7 days’ training) - departing on Saturday 16th September 2017.


Training Fees

For details of training fees.  US and Worldwide Students (other than UK) to contact Chris Benner to arrange payment in US dollars (email :

UK Students to contact Andrew Jackson to arrange payment in UK sterling (email :


Kind regards

Julie & Andrew Jackson

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