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Ladies Shih Shui Instructor

1st Generation Student of Master James W. McNeil


Having never taken part in any kind of martial arts practice and knowing nothing about the taoist healing arts or meditation, I was first introduced to the idea when I visited Andrew during his three month training programme at the Little Nine Heaven Retreat in California, in 1999. Following his period of training, we spent two weeks touring California and during this time Andrew spent the early hours of each morning practising what he had learnt. As he explained more about them, I became intrigued by these systems, which seemed somewhat unique and special due to their hidden strength and health benefits, which could be achieved when practised regularly.


It wasn’t until 2002, when we returned to stay at the retreat in California, that I started training under the instruction of Master McNeil. Always ready for a challenge, I was going to train in Shih Shui, which was something I felt confident I wanted to do but was also nervous as I was aware that it would involve being (at least partially) undressed. However, as Master McNeil began the training he put my mind at ease straight away as he was completely professional and it wasn’t long before I began to relax and enjoy what I was learning.


My Shui Shui training has helped me in so many ways as I realised how important it is to our health to exercise ‘internally’ rather than just concentrate on external muscle tone. It is also something which can be practised into old age. The key is to open your mind and understand that by gently cultivating energy at the root of our body, we are providing nourishment for our internal organs and bones.


In 2006 Andrew and I were honoured to be invited to stay at Master McNeil’s home in Orange County, California where we began our study of Taoist Lovemaking, along with Taoist methods of Sexual Meditation.


In 2009  Master McNeil vsited the UK, when I was initiated into Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao. Later that year Master McNeil stayed with us in Andalucia, Spain, where I started to train in Little Nine Heaven methods of Chi-Kung and also began my study of Chen Tai Chi.  In 2010 I attended a Little Nine Heaven Retreat in Ecuador, South America. Here I received further training in Little Nine Heaven Chi-Kung, Chen Tai Chi alongside kind instruction from fellow students in the group. I also received further training in Taoist Meditation, Taoist Lovemaking and Shih Shui.


In 2013 I attended a two week intensive training seminar in Taoist Psychic Healing Chi Kung presented by Master McNeil when he stayed at our home in the UK two week intensive seminar and also received private tuition in Chen Tai Chi and Taoist meditation.


For me the health and healing aspects to my training has benefitted me in so many ways, not just personally but I believe it had given greater depth and value in applying it to the skills I offer in my role as a holistic health practitioner.


I feel extremely privileged that I have been introduced to such a wonderful teacher to whom I have the greatest admiration and respect. I will always treasure the training and knowledge he has imparted on me.

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Hsing-I, Tzu Men, Splashing Hands, Basic Iron Hand

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