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L9H trip to Yi Wu Lu mountain, China. October 2018.
A few photos of the most memorable pilgrimage to the origin and home of the late Grand Master Chiao Chang Hung and the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system, taught to us by our teacher Master James McNeil.
Thank you to our teacher, his wife and his friends for arranging this special trip and allowing us to share it with you all.
We saw so many fantastic places and met wonderful people along the way. We gained access to places and temples and spoke and drank tea with people that would not have been possible without your reputation and influence. 
We now have real memories to treasure which bring alive the stories of Grand Master Chiao's life.
It was truly an honour to have been part of this journey.
Andrew and Julie, Simon, Brian and Kevin.
Little Nine Heaven UK

Little Nine Heaven Worldewide Student Gathering. Spain 2017

September 8th - 16th 
In Malaga, Spain (Cabopino Camp Grounds), we had our yearly Little Nine Heaven Gathering. It was a great success once again. We started at 8am doing standing meditation and Chen Tai Chi.
At 9:00 am we all had breakfast together every morning, followed by a 30 minute break. 
Then at 10am we practiced Tien Gunn & fighting applications, followed by Chi-Kung at the beach.
At 12pm we went to lunch for two hours. After lunch, we returned to learning and reviewing Chen Tai Chi first and second forms (Canon Fist), Tzu-Men, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, Hsing-I, Ba Gua and  push hands. One morning the group were taught Sun and Moon methods of meditation from the Little Nine heaven Wu Tao system and students were given other private training. Each day we finished around 6:00 pm to have a swim in the pool or sea and then had dinner. 
Some of the students went to visit the city and local towns close by to eat and buy things while others stayed in the campsite. 
At night, we all got together outside our cabins to talk, reminisce, and ask any questions about many different topics for a few hours. 
On the last day, the students gave me a very beautiful and thoughtful black marble plaque for their appreciation of my teachings throughout the years.
Over the course of the week all the students learned a lot and had a great time together. New friendships were made and hopefully we will have another gathering again somewhere beautiful in the world next year.

Lao Tzu James McNeil


(See Gallery page for more pictures of this event.)

Lao Tzu McNeil returns Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao to China!

In April 2016, Lao Tzu McNeil was invited by the Chinese  government to recognize Grand Master Chiao Chang Hung as the gate keeper of the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System. Through research and letters from Grand Master Chiao, Lao Tzu has been assigned as the next generation gate keeper of the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System. Because of this recognition, he was invited again to Qingdao China in November to talk about the powers of L9H Shih Shui Kung and  Taoist Lovemaking at a conference of Masters not seen for over 60 years.

Congratulations Lao Tzu  

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Hsing-I, Tzu Men, Splashing Hands, Basic Iron Hand

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