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Honourable Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung


Grand Master Chiao Chang-Hung was born to a family living at the foot of the ‘Yi Wu Lu’ Mountain in the North Eastern region of China. He was naturally gifted in the Chinese martial arts and in his teenage years, he had learned several traditional martial arts from the family's security guards who were skilled in Kung Fu. He was taught Hsing-I and Tai Chi Chuan from his father’s friend, General Liu Chi-Yuan, and later he learned Dragon style Pa-Kua from Yang Ju-Lin who was the top apprentice of the Pa-Kua Master, Ma Wei-Chi.


When he was 16, a young Chiao visited ‘San Ching Temple’ near to his home and when he entered, he saw a Taoist devotee sitting in deep meditation seemingly oblivious to this intrusion. After a while, the Taoist opened his eyes and spoke to Chiao. The Taoist, known as ‘Lushan Daoren’, told Chiao, "It is fate that we meet. Your family has made many contributions to this temple in the past and they are greatly appreciated. If your father agrees, you may come and practise with me." Subsequently Chiao spent two intensive years of learning in seclusion in San Ching Temple. He was taught the ancient art of Kung Fu called ‘Hsiao Chiu Tien’ or ‘Little Nine Heaven’. Grand Master Chiao became the 33rd generation disciple and was the first non-devotee to be taught the complete arts of the system.


During the 1950’s, Grandmaster Chiao migrated with General Chiang Kai-Chek's government to Taiwan. During that time, he helped to promote the art of Kung Fu. Through various introductions and personal associations, he taught the art of Shih Shui to other Kung Fu Masters as well as senators, generals and numerous students in Taiwan.


He achieved the following positions and awards:

  • One of only four people to hold the title of "Grand Master", which was awarded by the government of Taiwan.
  • One of the founders of the Tai Chi Chuan Club, now called the Tai Chi Chuan Association of Taiwan.
  • Appointed Chief Instructor of the National Taiwan Kung Fu Team.
  • Appointed Head Referee for International Kung Fu Tournaments.
  • Advisor to the Chinese Kung Fu Reasearch Institute in Paris.
  • The first Grand Master to teach the art of Shih Shui to the interested public.
  • The first and only Master to write and publish a book about the art of ‘Shih Shui’.

In the late ‘70s, Grandmaster Chiao decided to open up the teachings of the Chinese intellectual arts to the public. He only accepted students who showed sufficient spirit and commitment to learn the art. This dedication continues with his senior disciples who were chosen to spread the art. Master Tan Ching-Yun, Master Carl Kao of Taiwan and Master James McNeil, of the United States, were chosen to teach others, as well as spread the name of Shih Shui. The reason for his unique gift of knowledge was to pay homage to the loyal and generous body of people that represented the new found land of Chinese Renaissance - Taiwan.   Grand Master Chiao realised mastery in Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Tai Chi and Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao. He was James McNeil’s teacher in Hsing I, Pa Kua and Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao until he passed away in August 2001 at the age of 89.

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