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Grandmaster Haumea Lefiti

Grand Master Haumea Lefiti was born in Hawaii in 1930. By the late 1940’s he was a seasoned 200+ pound Samoan street fighter (usually known as ‘Tiny’!) and was already proficient in boxing, Karate, Judo, Luo (Samoan street fighting) and Kung-Fu.


In his early 20’s he joined the US Marines and whilst stationed in Korea, during the Korean War, he learned Korean Karate and later, whilst stationed in Taiwan, he was introduced to ‘Splashing Hands’ Kung-Fu by an exiled Chinese Nationalist General whose name is unknown today.


Only a select group were chosen by the General to learn the art. After two years of intensive training under the General, Tiny’s time with the marines was over. By the end of his military career he was a highly decorated soldier and an extremely competent martial artist. On asking the General where he could continue his training in Splashing Hands, the General said he knew of only one other man who could complete his training in the Splashing Hands system; Master Ark Yuey Wong, who had emigrated to America.


When Tiny first arrived at Master Wong’s school with his letter of introduction from the General, Master Wong claimed to have no knowledge of the system. However, Tiny persisted until eventually Master Wong began to teach him more of the secrets of the system.


In 1965 Master Lefiti opened his own school and during this period he took many challenges from single and multiple opponents and was never defeated. Many people passed through the doors of his school but most quit due to the harsh nature of the training.


In his lifetime Master Lefiti awarded few black belt grades. Only one black belt student has continued training and teaching Splashing Hands since Master Lefiti’s death; Master McNeil, who is now the head of the system.

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