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Master Hsu Hong-Chi 1934-1977

Hsu Hong-Chi was a Taiwanese martial artist who specialised in the internal Chinese arts of Hsing-I Chuan. Hsu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1934 and he began his study of Shaolin Kung Fu with his father at an early age. He also learned boxing and became a skilled street fighter. After studying the external styles of Shaolin for many years, he discovered the unique effectiveness of the internal martial arts and began training with Master Hung I-Hsuang. He trained for many hours and became the number one student of Master Hung.

After many years of training Master Hsu opened his own Hsing-I school called ‘Shen Long Tang Shou Tao,’ which translates as Spirit Dragon Chinese Hand Way. ‘Shen Long Tang Shou Tao’ is not a separate style of martial art, but rather a practical, step-by-step, systematic approach to learning internal martial arts.


Master Hsu felt that if a person, no matter what their race or nationality, sincerely wanted to learn and was willing to work hard then he would teach them. In the late 1960’s he began teaching foreign students in Taiwan.


For many years, Hsu went to teach in Japan and he also went to the U.S several times and taught a number of long-term students both in America and Taiwan. One such student was James McNeil. Hsu Hong-Chi was James McNeil’s teacher from 1978 until his death in 1984.

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