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Master James McNeil  


James W. McNeil was born in St Louis, Missouri, where he lived with his grandparents. He moved to California in 1954 close to Los Angeles' famed China town district. In 1966, he went to his brother's martial arts school and was amazed at what he saw!


Since that day Master McNeil has, for over forty years, been learning, teaching and living the inner mysteries of the traditional Taoist and internal kung-fu arts. In the course of history such knowledge was normally reserved for the elite few within the closed circles of the oriental Taoist societies and it was unheard of for any outsider to be accepted as a student by the great martial art masters of China and Taiwan. Master McNeil has had the rare privilege to study with such greats as Master Hsu Hong-Chi, ‘The Man With the Magic Hands' (Hsing-I & healing arts), Sifu Chin Chen-Yen (Tzu Men-Chuan -the rare and deadly art of ‘Poison Fingers'), Hsu Ting-Ming (Chinese psychic healing), Master Pan Wing-Chow (Chen Style Tai-Chi) and perhaps the greatest of them all, the legendary, Master Chiao Chang-Hung (Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system, Shih-Shui, Pa-Kua, advanced Taoist mediation).


James McNeil would go to Taiwan every year where Master Hsu would teach him personally in Hsing-I and the internal healing arts. After Master Hsu’s unexpected death in 1983 James McNeil, was then accepted as the first and only American student of the Honourable Master Chiao Chang-Hung.


The late honourable Master Chiao was known as a living legend in martial arts for his remarkable skills and abilities and his foresight. James McNeil was taught in the oldest Taoist system known today, named Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, along with Pa-Kua and advanced Taoist energy circulation for health, longevity and mediation. At Master Chiao’s request James McNeil was introduced to Master Pan and began his study of Chen Tai Chi as part of his development in the internal arts.


Today Master McNeil and his work have been featured in articles and covers of many national and international magazines. He has appeared as guest speaker for the American Institute of Hypnotherapy Conventions, World Research Foundation, Long Beach State University and has also taught at South Baylo College of Oriental Medicine, and John Bastyr Naturopathic College. He has appeared several times on television in the United States and Taiwan and has produced many videos/DVDs and books about martial arts.


Master James McNeil is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Little Nine Heaven Internal kung fu school and Director of the Little Nine Heaven International Kung-Fu Association, where martial arts training, Shih-Shui and Meditation practice is conducted in the spirit of the ancient Taoist temples. He has taught students from every American state, Canada, Russia, China, Poland, Greece, Japan, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, England, Ecuador, Ukraine, Italy, India, Sweden, Spain, South Africa and continues to travel and teach relentlessly in order to ensure the legacy of the martial arts systems he was entrusted continue to survive.


The following is Master James W. McNeil's internal martial arts’ education:


1966 – 1973

Studied under Master Haumea (Tiny) Lefiti. Obtained the highest degree Black Belt given at that time for Splashing Hands fighting techniques.    


1973 – 1977

Studied under Sifu Ralph Shun, learning southern style Shaolin Five Animals, Wing Chun, Iron Hand and Weapons. Obtained the rank of Master Instructor in June, 1976.


1977 – 1984

Studied under Master Hsu Hong-Chi in Taipei, Taiwan. Received extensive training in the arts of Chi-Kung and Hsing-I. Also taught Tui-Na, Acupressure Massage and Meditation. Obtained 4th Degree Black Belt in Hsing-I, in 1983.  


1984 – 1987

Studied under Sifu Chin Chen-Yen in Taipei, Taiwan. Trained in Tzu Men-Chuan System (Poison Fingers) and Advanced Training in Iron Hand.    


1983 – 1996

Studied under Master Pan Wing-Chow, Taipei, Taiwan, since 1983. Trained in Chen style Tai-Chi.  


1983 – 2001     

Master Chiao Chang-Hung, Taipei, Taiwan. Received advanced training in Little Nine Heaven Kung-Fu; consisting of fighting, sword and Shih-Shui Kung. Taught Pa-Kua and Advanced Hsing-I. Further training in Taoist techniques and high levels of Chi-Kung and Nei-Kung Therapy, along with Advanced Meditation.



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