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  Master Pan Wing-Chou

Master Pan Wing Chou was the portrait of health throughout his life as he continued to perform the original Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, as taught to him by Master Chen Fa-Ke back in the early 1930's, until his death in 1996.


Master Pan began to learn Tai Chi while attending university in Peking. He was one of a few who learned Chen Style Tai Chi outside of the Chenjiagou village, where Master Chen Fa-Ke lived; Master Chen Fa-ke was hired by a group of people to teach in Peking. It was here that Pan Wing Chou was introduced to Master Chen at the home of his friend Mr Liou, who belonged to the Henan Association. At that time Master Chen Fa-Ke was living at the Henan Association Headquarters. Mr Liou was teaching Pan Wing Chou, Wu Style Tai Chi but told him if he really wanted to learn Tai Chi. he should learn from the master himself - Chen Fa-Ke.


In later years, during the communist takeover of mainland China, Master Pan went to Taiwan. He continued to practise exactly as he had been taught, until his death in 1996 and never changed the form as it had been passed to him. Master Pan had many students in Taiwan; his goal was to benefit those interested in Chen Tai Chi through his own studies and experiences. He founded Chen Style Tai Chi Association, Taiwan, and published three volumes of books on Chen style Tai Chi. Master Pan taught ten students in the United States, one of these was James W. McNeil. Since he began his training in 1982 with Master Pan, Master McNeil has remained faithful to the training he learned from Master Pan.




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