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Sifu Andrew Jackson


(1st Generation Student of Master James W. McNeil)


Studying privately with Master James McNeil since 1999, Sifu Andrew Jackson has trained in the systems of martial arts that he teaches. These include Hsiao Chiu Tien Wu Tao (Little Nine Heaven Fist), Hsing-I Chuan (Shansi lineage), Zan Shou Chuan (Splashing Hands System), Chen Tai Chi, Tzu Men Chuan (18 Character/Poison Fingers Boxing), Basic and Advanced methods of Iron Hand Training, Shih Suih Kung, Taoist Chi-Kung methods, Acupressure, Moxibustion, Taoist Healing methods and Taoist Meditation. He is also a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine with a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture.


1985 - 1998

Andrew began his initial martial arts training in 1985 at 16 years of age, studying Tang Soo Do Mu Duk Kwan. In 1989, received his Black Belt. Looking to further his knowledge in traditional martial arts and healing methods, it was recommended to Andrew that he seek out a teacher who resided in America called Master James McNeil.


1999 -2001

After an exchange of letters in 1999, Andrew was offered the opportunity to meet and train at Master McNeil’s Taoist retreat in the mountains of California for three months. Here he began formal training with Master McNeil, learning Hsing-I Chuan alongside basic fundamentals of the Splashing Hands system and basic bag 'slapping method' of the Iron Hand training. Training at the retreat consisted of long, hot days with very little time for rest. Master McNeil oversaw the training of physical forms, applications and Iron Hand training as well as the more sedate Chi Kung, Acupressure and Meditation sessions. In addition, there was general conditioning training and running every day which at the time seemed relentless, however, this routine would help set the foundation for his training which was yet to come.


On his return to England, Andrew began his study of acupuncture at The Northern College of Acupuncture based in York, England. Over the following four years, he achieved a Masters Degree with Distinction and became a licensed member of the British Acupuncture Council. During these years, he kept up his training in Hsing-I Chuan and Splashing Hands. He opened up a small, private class teaching friends and a group of local people, who had heard of his training.


2001 - Master McNeil made his first visit to the Little Nine Heaven UK School where, during the course of three weeks intensive training, he taught Andrew the Advanced Method of Iron Hand.


2002 – Andrew travelled with his wife, Julie, to stay at the Little Nine Heaven Retreat in California, with Master McNeil, for three weeks. Whilst there, they travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada where they both learned the system of Shih Shui Kung.


2003 – A two week retreat was arranged in California with six UK based students to take their Black Belt ranking tests in Hsing-I. At this time, Andrew’s training was also reviewed and he received his 1st Degree Black Belt in Hsing-I and his Black Belt in Splashing Hands.


2003 - Master McNeil visited the UK to teach several public seminars as well as Shih Suih to a number of senior students of the Little Nine Heaven UK School. During this visit, Andrew began study of the ‘Tzu Men Chuan’ System.


2006 – Andrew was honored to be invited to stay at Master McNeil’s home in Orange County, California where he travelled with his wife and together they began their study of Taoist Lovemaking, along with Taoist methods of Sexual Meditation.


2009 – Master McNeil visited the UK to teach the first two weeks of a four week intensive training programme, in the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System. Andrew was initiated into the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao and after a formal review of all his training, received a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Hsing-I.


2009 – Andrew met with Master McNeil in Andalucía, Spain where he received further training in Chen Tai Chi, Taoist Lovemaking and Taoist Meditation.


2010 – Attended a Little Nine Heaven Retreat in Ecuador, South America. Andrew received further training in Little Nine Heaven Chen Tai Chi, Taoist Meditation, Taoist Lovemaking and Shih Shui. It was here he trained with a group of twelve of Master McNeil’s students from around the world.


2010 – Master McNeil returned to the UK to complete the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao Intensive Training Programme.


2011 – Andrew travelled to Odessa, Ukraine with a Senior Student for private training in Chen Tai Chi, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao and Shih Shui.


2013 – Master McNeil visited the UK to teach several public seminars and also a private two week intensive seminar to senior students of the Little Nine Heaven UK School in Taoist Psychic Healing Chi Kung.


2014- Travelled to Phuket, Thailand with his wife to train with Master McNeil and other senior students in Chen Tai Chi, Tzu Men Chuan, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, Shih Shui and Taoist Love Making/meditation techniques.


2014 - California 3 weeks private training with Master McNeil reviewing Chen Tai Chi, Tzu Men Chuan, Iron hand, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, Shih Shui and Taoist meditation techniques.


2015 – Philadelphia, USA 1 week Intensive training at the Little Nine Heaven World student gathering. This was attended by over 30 students worldwide and all the systems that have been learned were reviewed.


Andrew continues to receive instruction from Master McNeil and his training is reviewed regularly.



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