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The Little Nine Heaven UK School teaches a range of Taoist and Buddhist based Chinese Martial Arts Systems. It also teaches a number of Taoist health cultivation practices that can be of benefit to anyone interested in improving their overall health. All of the training at our school comes directly from the teachings of Master McNeil who has learned from teachers who were all recognised as high level Masters within their respective systems.


The methods we teach are unchanged from Master McNeil and his teachers and we feel it is important to keep them this way. Master McNeil oversees all the schools’ training through its Head Instructor, Andrew Jackson, and its syllabus and all certifications awarded are recognised by Master McNeil and his Little Nine Heaven International Kung Fu Association.


The syllabus we have created has split the training into two levels with a view to helping a new student choose a system that is most appropriate for them. It is strongly advised that students start with a ‘Level 1 Foundation System’ before progressing to any of the more complex ‘Level 2 Advanced Systems’. This way the student will gain a firm appreciation of the basics and build a strong platform from which to progress effectively.


What a student chooses to learn is entirely up to them and it may be useful to have a chat with an instructor or try a few different regular classes before deciding which system they want to start with. Over years of training it is anticipated there will be a natural progression through some or all of the other systems relevant to a student’s individual interests.



Hsing I Chuan (Xing Yi Quan)

With a strong background in Taoist philosophy, this system was taught to Master McNeil from Master Hsu Hong-Chi and Grand Master Chiao-Chang Hung respectively and it originates from the 'Shansi lineage' of the Hsing-I family. This system is good for those wishing to learn both the health and self-defence aspects of the internal arts and is often taught first, ahead of Tai Chi, as initially it is easier to learn and understand.


Chen Tai Chi (Chen Taiji)

This system has its roots firmly in Taoist philosophy and was taught to Master McNeil by Master Pan Wing-Chow who was an indoor student of the legendary Chen Grand Master, Chen Fa-Ke. This system is ideally suited for those with an interest initially in the more sedate practices as its movements are generally less vigorous than other systems. However, the forms are complex and take many years to understand. Students who enjoy a challenge and wish to focus on the health aspects of the internal arts will benefit greatly from this system. Chen Tai Chi also has excellent self-defence capabilities for those wishing to study this area of practice.


Splashing Hands System (Zan Shou Chuan)

This is a system with its origins thought to be from the Buddhist, Shaolin Temple, China. Taught to Master McNeil by Master Haumea 'Tiny' Lefiti, its true history is vague. It is a compact and easy to learn fighting system and ideal for the student who wishes to focus on self-defence aspects of training and enjoys a real physical workout. The system builds sound martial arts basics which are essential for progression to Level 2 advanced systems of study.


Iron Hand Training

The Level 1 Basic method is ideal for any student from any system inside or outside of our school in order to strengthen the hands appropriate to the techniques they practice. This method was taught initially to Master McNeil by Master Ralph Shun and further refined by Master Hsu Hong-Chi and Master Chin Cheng-Yin. Iron Hand Training not only strengthens the hands but serves to increase chi and blood supply to the extremities which is useful in Taoist healing and acupressure massage practice. This training is usually studied alongside any one of the Level 1 foundation systems of martial arts.


Chi Kung Exercise and Taoist Meditation

This is generally taught in two levels, each level as a short standalone course of study and is suitable to all levels of practitioner, enhancing their understanding of the internal arts, regardless of which system they practice. Taoism is renowned for its development of excellent methods to benefit the body physically, energetically and spiritually. Most of the exercises and meditations taught are taken directly from the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system taught to Master McNeil by Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung and are quite simple to learn initially but have many layers of complexity that can only be taught as the student's practice progresses. This course is ideal for those students interested in Chi cultivation, physical and spiritual rejuvenation.




Tzu Men Chuan

(Poison Fingers Boxing/18 Character Boxing)

A Buddhist derived system originating from the Shaolin Temple, China. This system was taught to Master McNeil by Master Chin Cheng-Yin. It is very practical and direct and suits the student who is solely interested in self defence. It is compact and its movements can be learned in a short time, however its theories and application to practice is complex and therefore is only taught to dedicated students. Alongside this system it is advised to study the Advanced Method of Iron hand training which allows for increased effectiveness of the 'Poison Fingers' striking method.


Advanced Iron Hand Training

This method was taught to Master McNeil as part of studying Tzu Men Chuan by his teacher Master Chin Cheng-Yin. It requires longer hours of daily practice than the basic method and dedication from the student in order to gain and maintain its benefits. Its training will benefit students of any martial arts system and trains the hands and, in particular, the fingers to a high level.


Hsiao Chiu Tien Wu Tao

(Xiao Jiu Tian Wu Tao/Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao)

Thought to be one of the oldest known Taoist systems of cultivation still in practice today. The basis of Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao has been recorded in Chinese historical books as originating from the Nine Chamber scriptures written by the Yellow Emperor, Huang-Ti (2698BC-2598BC).


The legendary Chiao Chang Hung, 33rd generation Grandmaster was the first to teach this unique system to the outside world. For generations it was passed only to Taoists within the temple sect. Master McNeil (34th generation) was Grandmaster Chiao’s only initiated western student to be taught the full complexities of this system. Students of this system seek entry to Tao by way of skills.


To date no student of Master McNeil’s has received the full teachings of this Taoist system and for this reason Master McNeil alone selects and teaches the methods unique to this rare art. This system is taught only to dedicated advanced level students after selection and initiation. If you are interested in this training and want to know more, feel free to contact to Sifu Andrew Jackson to discuss.


Shih Shui Kung (Xi Sui Gong)

This is a powerful method of Taoist Chi Kung that was until recently kept secret from the general population. This method forms an integral part of the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system. Grandmaster Chiao was the first to offer this training to interested non devotees of the system as he believed it to be an important way of making his country’s people strong spiritually and free of physical illness.


Master McNeil has sought to continue this work, not only teaching many people around the world this method, but also training a few dedicated students to the level of teaching this method to see that it continues to benefit the lives of those interested and dedicated enough to keep up practice in the future. It is for this reason that Shih Suih Kung training is offered as standalone training to any student wishing to learn at any level of practice.

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