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Hsing-I Chuan (Xing Yi Quan) is a Chinese boxing style of Taoist origin.   It's name literally translates as ‘mind form boxing’, although it should be ‘heart and mind boxing’, as it is the heart that controls the emotions and it is that which fires the body’s initial responses.


Hsing-I is an internal art that is concerned with life, health and creativity rather than death, destruction and swelling of the self-ego; which is so often the focus of most martial training today. It's movements are simple to look at and learn, but hard to master. It is straight forward and direct in it's actions, combining both soft and hard movements, therefore, it conforms to the Taoist principle of Yin/Yang.


Hsing-I is excellent for conditioning the body internally and externally. The practise of it's forms develops balance, coordination, timing and strong muscles.   The actions of the techniques open and stretch the muscles and joints to their full range and encourage increased Chi and blood flow, which in turn nourishes the tissues and benefits the health.


Hsing-I can be practised in both an energetic or gentle manner. With this in mind, people of all ages can train throughout their lives and it can be adapted to all abilities. Over time, the practise of Hsing-I will develop an internal awareness of oneself, helping the physical body to reconnect with the mind, which in today’s stressful lifestyles most people have lost. Practitioners should become better with practise and never become too old to practise!

The Hsing-I syllabus includes the Five Elements Forms, Twelve Animal forms, Five Element Two Man Fighting Form, Combination Forms, Staff Form, Practical and Advanced Fighting Applications and several Hsing-I related health cultivation practices. 


Te regular weekly class is an excellent choice for any person wishing to start their study of the internal martial arts and will give a sound foundation from which to progress. The training emphasizes improving each student’s skills individually even though it is taught in a group setting. The class is suitable for all levels and for both male and female students. It is taught in a friendly but professional and respectful atmosphere.


Private lessons for individuals or groups covering the full Hsing-I syllabus can also be arranged. See timetable and prices page or contact us to discuss any queries further.

Struggling to find time to attend regular classes?

 Too busy with work?


Why not consider one of our intensive training courses, with self-study between courses to be carried in your own time - learn the whole Little Nine Heaven UK School Hsing-I Syllabus in a structured program, to suit your time frame.  Rank tests are not compulsory but it is possible to achieve belt rankings at NO EXTRA COST!


Level 1 - Basic Training Course (Yellow Belt)

Stance training, 5 Elements Forms, 5 Element Chi Kung methods, San Ti Standing training and fighting applications. Rank test if requested.

Course - 1 week (6 Days) 4 hours per day.


Level 2 - Intermediate Training Course (Blue Belt)

5 Element Linking Chain form, 5 Element Two Man fighting form, fighting applications, Standing meditation and Taoist breathing training. Rank test if requested.

Course - 1 week (6 Days) 4 hours per day.


Level 3 - Advanced 1 Training course (Green Belt)

6 selected Animal forms, Ba Shi combination form, fighting applications, 25 Tien Gunn exercises for health and fighting applications. Taoist seated meditation practice and breathing method, 5 Chi Kung Exercises. Rank test if requested.

Course - 1 week (6 Days) 4 hours per day.


Level 4 - Advanced 2 Training course (Brown Belt)

6 remaining Animal forms, Chu Chi Chuan combination form, fighting applications, Advanced fighting theories and practice of applications, including striking areas of the body and bag and pad work. Review and advancement in meditation practice and 5 Chi Kung exercises as appropriate. Rank test if requested.

Course - 1 week (6 Days) 4 hours per day.


Level 5 - Advanced 3 Training course (Black Belt)

Consists of a full syllabus review, San Guan Chuan combination form, 12 Red Hammers combination form, Staff form, fighting applications. Rank testing for Black Belt is only available 6+ months after the Advanced 3 Training Course has been satisfactorily completed and if requested. All Rank testing is FREE of charge.

Course - 1 week (6 Days) 4 hours per day.


All private lessons and intensive courses are taught at the fully equipped Little Nine Heaven UK School by qualified and insured instructors. Private instruction at other venues may incur travel and accommodation costs.


For costs of intensive training courses, see Timetable and Prices page. Feel free to contact us for any further information. Intensive courses do not include food or lodgings.

New Intensive Training Dates for 2019 now available

Hsing-I, Tzu Men, Splashing Hands, Basic Iron Hand

Intensive Training Dates

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