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For several years it has been my ambition to set up a true Little Nine Heaven temple branch here in the UK, to help share the knowledge and keep this genuine treasure alive. With the kind permission of my teacher, Master James McNeil, and the help of my senior students at the Little Nine Heaven UK School, I feel together we now have what it takes to make this dream a reality.


Andrew Jackson May 2011

In 2009 our school proudly hosted the first Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao training course and official initiation ceremony in the UK, which was conducted personally by Master McNeil. Ten students were inducted and started their study of this rare system of Taoist cultivation. Initial basic training is conducted over two years which requires two intense weeks per year plus monthly private group training sessions and copious hours of solo practise.


This level of training requires a huge commitment from Master McNeil to teach this rare material and also from the students to uphold the teachings and commit to sincere lifelong practise. It requires great thought and dedication from both parties. It is for this reason students can request training but ultimately must be selected before their training can be started.


Only Master McNeil can teach this system of practise here in the UK. Currently there are no students with full knowledge or enough experience in this system authorised to teach it. As a senior student of Master McNeil in the UK, Sifu Andrew Jackson, has been given permission to hold regular private training sessions relating to this system and provide an environment for the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao UK students to develop their training and discuss their practise together.

At the School Little Nine heaven Wu Tao students seek to instill the following six core values in accordance with the teachings passed down from Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung through Master McNeil:


1. To indulge in martial arts lifelong.

2. To set great store by martial qualities.

3. To promote our school.

4. To cultivate the Tao and method of the heart.

5. To honour our sovereign, Huang Ti.

6. To be loyal and respectful to our school’s ancestors, teachers, and each other.

The Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System contains many levels of practise which are only taught as students progress individually. Progression requires total commitment and there is no time for students to indulge in other methods of cultivation. The training has both the characteristics of strengthening the body actively and passively in a manner for self-defense. In skill, it is based on the Tao's practise of the balancing between Yin and Yang to relax the tendons and bones and to perform marrow washing. Even though it’s name translates to fist, it is actually an exclusive literature and a rich inheritance passed down through the centuries by word of mouth.


Basic training consists of the following three skills:

Ju-Kung (Nine Chamber Fist)

This martial practise includes empty hand boxing routines (3 Exercises, 5 Styles, 12 Animals and 18 Ground Manoeuvres), which are based on the structures, positions, forms and functions of the tendons and bones, and the mutual relationships between Chi pathways and blood vessels.


The system is further supported by specialised Chi-Kung exercises and meditation practices (5 Animal Chi-Kung exercises, 6 Healing Sounds Chi-Kung, 8 Section Brocade, Little Nine Heaven circulation method, Eight Psychic Meridians circulation and further methods of meditation only disclosed as a practitioner develops), which helps Chi follow the paths which prevent aging. When practised correctly this training will strengthen the organs, improve the quality and flow of Chi and blood, control the breath, calm the mind and strengthen the spirit. When practised to high level, the combination of both external and internal practise helps balance yin and yang in the body with that of the universe, helping it to reconnect to the source from which it came.

Chian-Kuan Jen (Sword)

The Little Nine Heaven sword is fabricated after the twelve earthly branches. It has five reclined saw-teeth in the mid-section and seven reclined saw-teeth in the rear section. This combines the five elements and seven stars. Master McNeil was one of only ten students of Grandmaster Chiao to receive a genuine Little Nine heaven sword.


The sword forms practised include; Yin/Yang, Crane, Snake, Monkey (Ape) and Dragon. The design of the Little Nine Heaven sword allows for a unique strategy and application of method different to other martial arts systems. The sword exercises are simple and without complex patterns, but are highly effective against an attack. A student's goal is to attain a high proficiency and flexibility in using the sword without having to rigidly adhere to formalities.

Shih Suih-Kung (Bone Marrow Washing)

A student of Shih Shui strives to unite his physical and Chi or spiritual bodies as one. The system of Shih Shui consists of three levels; transfer of the Ching (sperm) to the Chi; transfer of the Chi to the Shen (spirit); and cultivate the Shen to return to the stage of Shu (emptiness). By cultivating Chi into a higher form, one will be in harmony with nature and the universe.


This specific method of exercise strengthens the body both internally and externally. The beating down exercise vibrates and stimulates the bone marrow, strengthens the bones, strengthens Ching and promotes the smooth flow of Chi through the meridian network. Swinging genital weights helps to stimulate the endocrine system, producing powerful sexual hormones that can benefit the body’s health when circulated correctly.

When all these skills are trained competently, the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system becomes a complete method of achieving a natural balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Realisation of this system can only be achieved through hard, consistent practise and, most importantly, the constant guidance of a knowledgeable teacher that has walked the path ahead of you!


If you are interested in knowing more about Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao training, please contact Sifu Andrew Jackson in the UK or contact Master McNeil directly at


All private lessons and Intensive courses are taught at the fully equipped Little Nine Heaven UK School by qualified and insured instructors. Private instruction at other venues may incur travel and accommodation costs. Intensive courses do not include food or lodgings.


For training costs of Intensive training courses, see Timetable and Prices page. Feel free to contact for any further information.


New Intensive Training Dates for 2019 now available

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