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‘Shih Shui Kung’ means ‘Bone Marrow Washing’. It is one of the most potent and effective methods of Chi-Kung/Nei-Kung training available today! Almost everyone who teaches it today has learned it from Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung directly or one of his students. Master McNeil is one of only two people qualified by Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung to teach this specialist training in the United States today.


Sifu Andrew Jackson and his wife, Julie Jackson, began their training in this highly valued system of Chi-Kung in 2002 and have become two of a select group of worldwide students of Master McNeil’s, who have each become qualified to teach men and women this unique method, under his guidance.


**WARNING, DO NOT attempt to try or learn this

training without supervision!**

This training CANNOT be learned either online or

from a book if it is to be done safely.


To avoid injury, you should only learn Shih Shui by training with a qualified and experienced teacher.

What is Shih Shui?

Shih Shui (pronounced ‘she-sway’), is a component of the ancient Taoist Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System, which originated in China over 2000 years ago. It is an advanced form of Chi-Kung/Nei-Kung that focuses on strengthening the internal body and increasing sexual energy, with a goal to optimize and preserve the health of the body, mind and spirit. It consists primarily of a series of special breathing and strengthening exercises, along with specific energy circulation techniques. Shih Shui can be practised alongside and will enhance, any other discipline. Any adult man or woman can learn and gain the benefits of Shih Shui.


Where does Shih Shui come from?

The origins of Shih Shui can be traced back to the time of Huang-Ti, the Yellow Emperor of China (2698 BC). Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao Kung-Fu, was originally passed down to only one Taoist priest per generation. This special training was cultivated and practised in secret and has only recently been introduced to the outside world by the late Honourable Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung who was the 33rd generation teacher of this little known martial arts system.


What are the health benefits of practising Shih Shui?

Shih Shui can benefit both men and women and with regular practise, it can help to promote feelings of youthfulness and vitality, both mentally and physically. Shih Shui practise may enhance hormone levels, strengthen the immune system, purify bone marrow, increase bone density, strengthen ligaments and benefit the prostate gland in men and help to prevent prolapses in women. Some of the exercises practised serve to stimulate blood supply to the sexual organs and can, therefore, help to improve sexual sensitivity which is most beneficial in lovemaking.


What will I learn?

The complex Shih Shui Kung practise consists of three sets of practices and twelve supplemental art techniques. Initially (first three weeks of instructor based intensive training), you will only learn some of the exercises and as your training progresses, your exercises will increase and be adjusted appropriately. The exercises prescribed are individual to the student and, therefore, any one student’s training may start and develop differently from that of another. This is because we are all physically different and it is the role of the qualified teacher to assess and guide the students training on an individual basis.

How is this training done?

Training is taught privately on a one to one basis and is totally confidential. The student is required to be naked throughout most of the training and, therefore, if you are not comfortable with this, then this type of training is probably not for you. There is no other way of learning this training. Occasionally the teacher may need to help the student, for example if they have problems understanding how to secure the weights etc., which may involve physically touching them, but this would NEVER be done without prior discussion and consent of the student. If a student would like a chaperone in the room with them while they are learning, this is perfectly acceptable and should be discussed with the instructor prior to training. At the Little Nine Heaven UK school it is ALWAYS a male instructor who teaches a male student and a female instructor who teaches a female student.


**WARNING** It has recently been highlighted that some people are claiming to teach this system online for cut price rates. Any person who has undertaken this training with a reputable teacher and reached a level where they are certified to teach should know and understand the importance of being present to supervise training for the safety of the student.


Any teacher who thinks it is acceptable to teach this system online or via a book is, in my opinion, not fit to call themselves a teacher and you should check their qualifications carefully.


Students beware and do not be taken in by cheap and unsafe methods of undertaking this training. Your health and safety is paramount and I doubt any of these ‘so called’ virtual teachers will take responsibility if you injure yourself while practising! How can they know if you are doing the training correctly if they are not present to see and correct you at the time of training? In the initial stages of learning this (the first three weeks), the teacher must be present in order to correct and, if necessary, stop the student from practising incorrectly so that they do not injure themselves.

Male Programme

This involves special Chi-Kung exercises to strengthen the male’s internal organs. The student will learn a series of massage techniques and exercises involving the scrotum and the application of weights that are tightened and swung using the connecting base of the scrotum; the total weight is gradually increased over time. Testicle exercises are an important part of the Shih Shui training.


Female Programme

This involves Chi-Kung exercises to strengthen the female’s internal organs. The student learns a series of exercises and massage techniques involving the ovaries, vaginal area and the application of swinging weights. This method uses a stone egg with a weight attached by string and the weight is increased gradually over time. Vaginal exercises are an important part of the Shih Shui training.


What equipment do I need to practise Shih Shui?

The required equipment, which is provided by your instructor and is part of the training fee, includes; Shih Shui traditional items such as a stainless steel beater, silk cloth, weight hanger, beginners weights and a jade/stone egg (for women).


How long does it take to Learn?

Shih Shui is always taught on a personal, confidential and private basis so that instruction can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual, thereby maximizing its potential benefits. The Shih Shui training will start with three weeks (21 days) of daily sessions (1-2 hours) with your teacher. This sees that the student is competent and safe in the exercises they have learned before being allowed to continue training alone.


A total initial commitment of 100 consecutive days (a further 79 days) of solo training (without an instructor present) will be required after which this vital program should be integrated as a regular aspect of one’s health and fitness routine, if you are to truly gain what this Chi-Kung system has to offer. After your initial training has been completed, you will need to have periodical check-ups to progress your training appropriately.


What are the advantages of practising Shih Shui?

Shih Shui is easy to learn, the effects are easily observed, and the practise has no adverse effects. The training process is, therefore, easy and safe when practised under the guidance of a qualified teacher.


From a Taoist philosophical perspective, a student of Shih Shui strives to unite his/her physical (Ching) and energetic (Chi) and spiritual (Shen) bodies as one. The system of Shih Shui consists of three levels: transfer of the Ching (sperm/sexual energy) to the Chi; transfer of the Chi to the Shen (spirit); and to cultivate the Shen in returning to the stage of Shu (emptiness). By cultivating this Chi into a higher form, one will be in harmony with nature and the universe.

What is the cost of Shih Shui Kung training?

See Timetable and Prices page.


Important Note: This method of training requires regular practise throughout a student’s lifetime in order to be truly effective and will require check up sessions periodically, depending on the student’s rate of progression. Check up sessions are usually only one day (2-3 hours) and for most students one check up per year is sufficient.



A female instructor is available for teaching female students. All teaching is done in a professional and confidential manner and there is a clear discussion of the training involved before actual training takes place. 

At the L9HUK school only persons over the age of 25 years

will be considered for this training.


Training is available anywhere in Europe.

For training worldwide contact Master McNeil directly.

All private lessons are taught by qualified and insured instructors. Private instruction at other venues may incur travel and accommodation costs. For training costs of intensive training courses, see Timetable and Prices page. Feel free to contact us for any further information. Intensive courses do not include food or lodgings.


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