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Tzu Men Chuan

‘Tzu Men Chuan’ (Zimen Quan) or when translated; ‘Eighteen Character Boxing’, is commonly referred to as ‘Poison Fingers Boxing’.  It is a rare form of Shaolin Kung Fu that focuses purely on fighting and self-defense. It’s methods are soft and vicious and it’s strategies, in particular, target spear hand and finger thrusts at the opponent’s vital points. When used skillfully, Poison Fingers Boxing can deliver a strike that will end a confrontation instantly!


Due to it’s methods and strategies, it is ideally, but not exclusively, suited to the smaller, weaker or aged fighter defend against a more powerful opponent. It is suitable for both men and women, however, this system requires strengthening of the hands and in particular, the fingers, beyond that of the average person, in order for the techniques to be truly effective in self-defence.

History of Tzu Men Chuan

The origin of this system is shrouded in mystery. The earliest recorded history of Tzu Men Chuan is in the Ching Dynasty, during the reign of the Emperor Chenlung (1736-1796).


Master McNeil was introduced to Master Chin by Grandmaster Chiao, who at the time suggested he learn this rare style in order to help preserve it for future generations. With such a high level introduction, Master Chin accepted Master McNeil as a student and over the years taught him all of techniques to this system.


Poison Fingers Boxing is one of the few systems that actually teaches the ‘death touch’ points of the human body. Master McNeil has taught the basis of this system to select students over recent years but to my knowledge, none to date have been taught the ‘death touch’ points, methods and strategies associated with them. Master McNeil explains that this method will be passed on only when the time is right, to a person who possesses good moral fibre. He feels this is important as the knowledge this system brings, when used incorrectly, can be extremely dangerous and may be used for immoral purpose and this is not the reason it was developed.


The Poison Fingers Boxing system taught at the Little Nine Heaven UK School is relatively compact, containing only six fundamental techniques/exercises, three forms, eighteen character/principles and a program of finger/hand strengthening exercises. Therefore, the movements and exercises can be learnt quickly but to understand the theories and strategies, and condition the hands in relation to application, takes many years of well supervised study.

'When practising this system you must know how to use every move of the form in a fighting situation. Each movement may have many different applications and students must explore these and be creative in their application. Students must constantly study and train in order to understand the applications hidden within each form. Each of the eighteen characters represents a different principle. In fighting, each character has its own special spirit and method of application. However, the style emphasizes a flexible approach in strategy and encourages practitioners to always be alert to a change in circumstances. Always use the opponent’s force to defeat his force.'

Master James McNeil

How do you learn this rare and unique system?


Level 1 Basic Training course

First Form instruction, Six Fundamental exercises, Stance training, hand and body conditioning programme, Shaolin 3 exercises, appropriate fighting applications.

Course 1 week (5 Days) 4 hours per day.


Level 2 Intermediate Training course

Full review and correction of First Level training, Second Form instruction, appropriate fighting applications, development of hand conditioning training, application of strategy Characters 1-8 theory into practice.

Course 1 week (5 Days) 4 hours per day.


Level 3 Advanced Training course

Full review and correction of First and Second Levels of training, Third Form instruction, appropriate fighting applications, progression of hand training and conditioning exercises, application of strategy from Characters 9-18 theory into practice, introduction into application in free fighting situations. Full review of all syllabus with emphasis on student’s own requirements. DVD recording of student’s own training for self-analysis.

Course 1 week (5 Days) 4 hours per day.


Note: Certificate of course completion in this system will only be awarded on successful completion of Level 3 of the course and after Master McNeil has reviewed the student’s practise, either in person or via DVD analysis. There are no belt ranks available in this system.


This course does NOT include the Advanced Iron Hand method of training, required to become proficient in the Poison Fingers striking techniques.

All private lessons and intensive courses are taught at the fully equipped Little Nine Heaven UK School by qualified and insured instructors. Private instruction at other venues may incur travel and accommodation costs. For training costs of intensive training courses, see Timetable and Prices. Feel free to contact us for any further information. Intensive courses do not include food or lodgings.

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