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RIP Matthew Edwards

The School will miss you at every session, but all of us will never forget you.

For you I am sure their is a place in Tai Wei

Top student

Top man

Top friend

Sifu Andrew Jackson and all the L9H family

Are you interested in the Chinese Arts of Self-Defence and Health Cultivation?

The Little Nine Heaven UK Kung Fu School welcomes interested adults  wishing to learn our authentic Chinese health and martial arts systems. 


We are offering an opportunity to study in rare Taoist health cultivation methods, unique to the Little Nine Heaven Internal UK Kung Fu School, which previously has only ever been taught privately in the UK.

Our School offers a variety of classes, to suit adults of all ages (18 years and over), in a range of traditional Chinese martial arts systems'.  Practising these ancient systems can help to benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Improving fitness, flexibility, balance and mobility
  • Learning practical self-defence
  • Strengthening internal organs
  • Losing weight
  • Reducing stress
  • Meeting new people

Regular, local classes for as little as £5 per session (pay as you go).  Private lessons and intensive study courses are also available!  Discounts available - please ask for details.

At the school, we believe we have a system of practise to suit any individual's needs.  Take a look at the regular classes we offer and if these are unsuitable for you, private training programmes are available which can be tailored to your schedule.  Please contact us to discuss this further.

Only 2 places remaining!

Spain 2017 L9H Retreat  with Lao Tzu James McNeil

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New Dates for 2017 Intensive Kung-Fu courses now available, click for details Intensive Training Course Dates

Spartan House

Unit 3,Green Lane





Tel : 07865 143762

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